Maa Da Dhaba

Maa Da Dhaba

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“Good Food is the Foundation of Genuine Happiness” -AugusteEscoffer

Nestled between the bustling streets of Bengaluru is celebrated chef Mr. Subodh Goyal’s brainchild, Maa da Dhaba. A true delight for connoisseurs of excellent Punjabi food, Maa da Dhaba is Mr. Goyal’s attempt to bring the best of North Indian cuisine to the masses at affordable prices. Chef Subodh’s journey began with a desire to fulfil people’s cravings for authentic, palatable Punjabi cuisine. Leaving his promising 13 year-long career behind, Mr Goyal set out on a trip to revive Dhaba style food and to retain its relevance. To bring this dream to life, he tirelessly explored the arterial highways of Northern India, from New Delhi to Amritsar, he journeyed to discover the secrets of delectable Punjabi food, dined at roadside dhabas to understand the variety of flavours that make this cuisine so peculiar and brought back with him all the experiences he had lived to build MaaDaDhaba.

After this extensive first-hand research, he spent innumerable hours and meticulously crafted a menu to provide his customers with authentic Punjabi taste in every bite. On the 15th day of August 2014, Chef Subodh Goyal’s dedication and passion culminated in the launch of Maa Da Dhaba. His dream to bring the true flavours of Northern India to the South is finally a reality.

Over the last few years, Maa Da Dhaba has emerged as one of the best restaurants in Bengaluru to relish freshly cooked North Indian delicacies. Once you taste the food served at MaaDaDhaba, you would not knock on the doors of any other food outlet in search of delicious dishes because Chef Subodh Goyal brings the best of North India directly to your table.

The location of Maa Da Dhaba in the Silicone Valley of India, Bengaluru serves a peculiar purpose. It is meant to cater to the palates of people who love punjabi food but are unable to find the same at reasonable prices in the heart of Bengaluru. You will love Maa da Dhaba for its Highway style Mouth-watering creamy gravies served with warm buttery kulchas and lots of love which in-turn is complemented by a glass full of thick lassi. With MaaDaDhaba, your hunt for the perfect north Indian culinary experience in the South is over.