Dal Makhani Recipe

A slow cooked lentil dish from North india, namely Punjab, Dal makhani is especially beloved for its utterly, butterly creamy texture. Though, it takes quite a while to cook this desi favourite, the result are truly worth it! Craving for some smooth-tasting rich dal makhani? Read on to find out how you can make this Punjabi gem at home.


3⁄4cup of Urad Dal (black matpe beans)

1/4cupof red kidney beans

2teaspoons of cumin seeds

8 garlic cloves, chopped

2inches of ginger root, chopped

1teaspoon of garam masala powder

1⁄2cup of fresh cream

1teaspoon of red chili powder

3tablespoons of butter

2 tomatoes, chopped (extra-large tomatoes)

1onion, chopped

1 tablespoon of oil

Salt as per taste


In 3-4 cups of water, soak whole urad dal and rajma beans overnight.

Cook the soaked mixture in the same water.

Also, add salt, red chilli powder and only half of the chopped ginger root.

Cook this mixture till the dal and the rajma are cooked throughout and are soft in texture.

Peel and chop the onion, ginger and garlic finely. Also, chop the tomatoes.

Heat the oil and the butter in a thick-bottomed pan. Add the cumin seeds, when they crackle, add the chopped onions and fry till they turn golden brown.

Add the chopped ginger, garlic and chopped tomatoes.

Be sure to sauté till the tomatoes are well mashed and you can see thefat starting to leave the masala.

Add the boiled dal and rajma to this mixture.Do not add the liquid at first.Crush the dal with the back of the spoon or the ladle while stirring continuously to give a creamy texture to the dal.

Add the liquid and some water if required and simmer on very low heat for fifteen minutes.

Now, add some fresh cream as well as somegaram masala powder and simmer for five more minutes. Add two dashes of powderedKasoorimethi in the end.

Serve hot with Naan or Paratha.

Tip: You can replace the tomatoes with thick tomato place to enhance the colour and the creamy texture of the dish.