Chicken Biryani Recipe

This royal delicacy is adored around the world and rightly so! When it comes to biryani, getting that perfect blend of meat, spices and of course rice can seem like a daunting task but with this recipe (and a little time and energy) you can learn to cook this appetizing dish in the comfort of your own home.


600 grams of basmati rice, boiled

4 tablespoons of mint leaves, minced

Salt as per taste

2 teaspoons of coriander powder

1 tablespoon of garlic paste

2 tablespoons of tomato puree

400 grams of white onion, thinly sliced

8 green cardamoms

1 tablespoon of milk

1 kilogram of chicken thighs

1 teaspoon of garam masala powder

2 pinches of saffron

1 tablespoon of ginger paste

4 sliced & slit green chillis

320 grams oftomato, chopped

2 teaspoons of cumin seeds

6 tablespoons of refined oil

1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder

6 tablespoons of plain greek yogurt


Marinating the chicken: In a large bowl, add the Greek yogurt, turmeric, chili powder and salt as per your taste. Mix well and add the chicken in the mixture making sure to rub it well. Let it marinate for 20-30 minutes meanwhile soak the saffron in the milk and keep it aside. Pour oil in a deep-bottomed pan, heat it on medium flame. Add the cumin seeds and the cardamom, sauté for 2 minutes. When that’s done, immediately add the onion slices, fry them for 2-3 minutes or so. Don't burn them, as soon as the onion slices start to turn brown, add the tomatoes as well as the tomato puree, fry for 5 more minutes.

Next, add the slit green chilies and the ginger-garlic paste to this mixture, fry for about a minute. Add the coriander powder, cook on medium-low heat while stirring the concoction as it cooks. Quickly, add the marinated chicken and mix for a while.

Turn the flame to medium again and let the mixture cook for 5-6 minutes then turn down the heat to low. Cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer for 5 more minutes. Be sure to stir from time to time to keep the chicken from sticking to the bottom. If the consistency is too thick, you can fix it with a little water.

Once it’s done cooking, turn off the heat and add half of the boiled rice, keep the rest aside till needed. Spread the saffron soaked milk, garam masala, mint & coriander leaves on top. Then, add the remaining rice over this layer, finish off with the 4 ingredients mentioned above.

For the last step, cover the lid, turn the heat to medium low and let it cook for about 5 minutes. Once done, turn it offand let it stay covered for about another 10 minutes. Serve hot, along with raita or any chutney of your choice.